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The warm-up session for Norman Jay @Canvas, Leicester…

Yo, I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog lately so my apologies for that. The DJ Format, Motor City Drum Ensemble & Red Rack’em gigs were immense and I will post some Polaroids from those very soon.

This Saturday (28th November) Jonna and I are warming up for the one and only Norman (Good Times) Jay. It will be a two on, two off, mash-up/warm-up session with old school funk, breaks, hip-hop, soul and disco boogie before the mighty Jay-Man dons the one’s and two’s around midnight.

Tickets have all but sold out but there are limited £10 guestlist spots available. check the Facebook event HERE for more details. There will be some limited options available on the door but don’t expect these to last long with this intimate venue and small capacity…


Motor City Drum Ensemble & Kris Wadsworth…

This is a gig I have been looking forward to for a while now. I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen due to some issues with the original venue in Clapham but luckily Canvas in Leicester saved the day. Expect a busy one, with limited capacity of only a few hundred, it will fill up fast. We’ve already had a lot of buzz for £5 guestlist spots. If you want to get your autograph on that list, hit my good friend Jonna up on; cityfly (at) btinternet (dot) com. Look forward to seeing you down there…

Click the flyer below to be taken to the Facebook event with more details



Gigs, gigs, gigs, gigs…

If you are about in Leicester this weekend come down to Superfly for their first birthday…


Sat 26th Sept – Superfly City’s first birthday, @Superfly, 2 King St, Leicester
It’s been a whole year since the Original Four venue that we all knew and loved was taken over and refurbished by my good friends Bryn, Tomwa and Jono, as well as a whole host of dedicated staff. Even you, Medley! ha ha… Catch a whole host of the resident DJ’s and staff partying down this Saturday in celebration of a successful debut year.

and next week there’s this…


Sat 3rd Oct – Student Block Party, @Custard Factory/Rainbow Warehouse/Air etc…, Birmingham

What appears to be the biggest student freshers party the UK has ever seen. Featuring a whole host of acts covering some of Birminghams best venues. I’ll be spinning in the Rainbow Garden from 2am-3am if you are about. You can get tickets here: Click Here for tickets


Oxjam Mini-mix…

Oxjam Takeover - Sunday 25th October

I’ve recently been asked to play at the Oxjam gig in Leicester on the 25th October and provide them with a 10 minute mini-mix for the Oxjam Leicester podcasts. Visit the Oxjam Leicester website for more details on the gigs and venues or click the picture above: http://www.oxjam-leicester09.org.uk

I’ve been away most of the weekend so had to knock something up quickly this evening to upload for the organisers. Here’s the tracklisting, you’ll find the usual flash player and download links below:

StereoThief – Oxjam Mini-mix

1. Harlem City Drive – Harlem City Drive Theme
2. Boca 45 – Round & Round
3. Jay Dee – Supa Shit (feat. Jay Dee)
4. A Tribe Called Quest – Sucka Nigga
5. DJ format feat. D-Sisive – Now You

LTJ Bukem warm up, DJ SS Birthday…

So this gig was dropped on my doorstep only a couple of days before. I got a phone call on Wednesday from Tomwaaa saying that Bukem was playing a Funk&Soul set at DJ SS’ birthday party at Superfly on the Friday night and asking if I would warm up for him.

LTJ Bukem @Superfly

LTJ Bukem @ Superfly

I played a 2 hour set, starting off with some Tribe/Dillah vibe Hip-Hop, soulful disco and finishing off with a good 40 minutes of old school funk before passing over to Bukem. The room was starting to go off at this point. He went on to play some quality funk, disco and soul which kept our crowd rooted to that room for the entire night and even invoked some laughable suggestions of mugging him at the end of the night and stealing his CD’s! ha ha… As if we could mug anyone, never mind a drum&bass DJ and his entourage!

After Bukem finished his set we mooched on upstairs to catch Goldie playing an unannounced secret set for DJ SS’ birthday. That was a treat in itself if the sound system hadn’t been so punishing on the ear drums. But it was still good to catch a rare DJ set from the actor/producer/dj.


Orange Corner Set: Part 1…

So here is the first part of my Orange Corner set. It’s actually part 2 of 4 after Collo started us off. Sorry for the quality of the Audio. The output from the mixer wasn’t the best and the jog on the CDJ’s was a bit severe for my liking. It’s a bit Flevans heavy but it’s what I felt like playing at the time and I’ve been listening to lots of Flevans lately plus the fact I’d only been to bed for an hour the night before! ha ha…. Enjoy.

Peas, Steve.

Set list:

1. Flevans – Begin Again
2. Linkwood Family – Piece of Mind
3. Be – Nocturnal Jam
4. Smoove & Turrel – I Can’t Give You Up
5. Flevans – The Notion
6. Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep
7. So.T – Street Fight
8. Stee Downes – Movement (Diesler remix)
9. Seductive Souls – Seductive Hustle

Shivoo take on the White Isle…

A few months ago Shivoo were asked by the people behind Ibiza Rocks if we would be interested in hosting a room at their ‘Reclaim the Dancefloor’ clubnight. So in July a group of us jetted out from Leicester accompanied by a host of Shivoo regulars and friends to take a bit of the Shivoo magic to Ibiza.


Darran, Moi and Ryan

Aside from a couple of promotional mishaps, a cancelled gig at BarM and an Ibiza Rocks pool party that didn’t happen, it was a roaring success. I arrived on the Tuesday morning expecting to spin at BarM. After checking in we legged it down to BarM to make the 4pm start time, only to receive a phone call saying it wasn’t happening as we arrived. That night we rocked up to Eden as it started to fill up with punters. I went on at about 2am and played for about an hour. I had been worried about what to play at Eden as I don’t play “Ibiza-style” tunes typically.


Bogoff! I'm not playing funky house...

I decided to stick to my guns and played a mixture of Disco-boogie, Latin, Electro and Funk (mix to follow). All the Leicester folk partied hard and I fended off a couple of requests for Funky House, quite skillfully I thought. Ha ha…

Eden Set list:

1. Soulphiction – Ghana Wadada
2. Gwen McRae – All This Love That I’m Giving
3. Stee Downes – Movement (Diesler remix)
4. Quantic – Mishap Happening (Quantic Beat mix)
5. Nightmares on Wax – Da Feelin’
6. So T – Street Fight
7. Mr Scruff – Get on Down
8. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
9. Sugardaddy – Love Honey (Funk mix)
10. Barfly – Street Talk
11. Spectrum – Horny Pony (acapella)
12. Spectrum – Horny Pony (Greg Wilson remix)
13. Me & You – Sneaker Thief (Hint remix)
14. Florence & The Machine – Raise it up (JamieT Lionheart remix)
15. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops // my guilty pleasure tune of the evening… //



The next day we were due to play at the Ibiza Rocks pool party at 2pm. I only got to bed at 12pm from the night before. Following a long walk with my record bag and some serious forehead burnage on the way back from a remote villa after party. I managed to bag an hours kip before showering and getting ready to shuffle on down there. Alas I received another disappointing phone call from Collo (fellow Shivoo ressie), who had managed to get down there before me, to tell me that someone was already playing. As we were both feeling fragile we decided against making any further enquiries as to why they were playing our slot and we mooched down to Orange Corner instead.

Collo and I spun @Orange Corner from 6-10.30 that evening just as the sun was going down. Still hanging from the night before, I believe there is video footage of a near comatose moi selecting tunes with about as much vigor as I could muster, it was hard work to say the least! We recorded the set and I’ll be uploading my parts as two hour long sets. First part is below. Second part to follow in another post. Apologies for the audio quality of the set. The mixer wasn’t the best.

Orange Corner Set: Part 1


Amnesia from the Balcony

The rest of the trip was pure partying and sunning it up which is beyond the scope of his blog so I’ll leave you with that for now. One highlight I will mention was the VIP guestlist for Cream @Amnesia on the Thursday night. I managed to catch Annie Mac, Boy8Bit, Diplo, and various others safe in the comfort afforded by the upper eons of the VIP balcony, which I had only previously had the pleasure of viewing from downstairs… WINNER!


Sunset at Savannahs

Big thanks to Ade, Pasquale, Bryn, Tomwa & Collo (Shivoo), Mark, Doorly & Damien (Ibiza Rocks), Rosie (Cream), Rob (Orange Corner), Fanni, Darran & Ryan for tagging along in a fwend capacity, Inbetweeners Style…


Hip Hop mix…

My recent hip-hop mix is now available on my Soundcloud page. You can find that here: www.soundcloud.com/stereothief

Or you can stream it here: